Excerpts of my book!!!

There you are, I found you. You were hard to fine”. He glanced up at my face. His eyes widened and flickered with betrayal. He pulled me out. His eyes drifted down to my feet and up again, landing on my face. Water appearing at the base of his eyes. A tear of loathing welled up and escape down his left cheek. My eyes drifted down on the red fire spreading across his face. My head recoiled back from the heat blasting out from his nostrils. He gently put me down to find Mamita. He frowned his eyebrow and narrowed his steely gaze through her. His 5’ 7” frame look gigantic walking towards Mamita, and he said; “If you ever touch my child again, so help me God, I will kill you!” Papito picked me up and gently placed me down upon my bed. “I will be right back baby, don’t worry, she will never do that to you again.” This was the only time I ever saw Papito mad at Mamita. Mamita was the abuser chasing him around the house with iron pans, rolling pins, and knives. Beating him until he would have to hide in the closet and hold his arms up to protect himself. Yet, he never raised his voice or laid a hand on her. Unable to raise my swollen head, I tried to open my eyes as the sun hit my face. I could barely see light. My mouth tasted of stale blood, my tongue stung with movement and there was an unusual space in my gums. I reached the mirror as my frail body would allow it. Shivers ran through my body at what I saw looking back at me. It was a battered Incredible Hulk. My face looked like it had been crashed into a truck.  There was dry blood coming out of my ears, nose, eyes, and mouth. Rafael followed unable to stop me. With sorrow in his eyes and alligator tears rolling down, he extended his hand and placed my missing teeth in my hand. A liquid fire streamed down my face.

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